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Thinking about special medical insurance? There are several single-purpose coverages for those who are concerned about family history or experience of a friend’s financial distress due to long-term expensive medical care. We are here to help you find cancer or Medicare medical insurance that is right for you!

We streamline the process, finding you the cancer or Medicare insurance you need at prices you can afford.

3 Steps That Help You Get Medical Insurance

Free Consultation

Your first step is to complete the medical insurance form and have a insurance representative reach out to you

Speak with Professional

Speak with a medical insurance professional in your area and gain insight while comparing top providers

Choose Your Plan

After comparing top providers, you can choose the medical insurance plan that fits your needs best.

Why Cancer Insurance

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. The NCI states that in 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States. Know that today, the survivor rate is so much higher with the right treatment in time. If you feel you may be at risk of cancer, you can protect your loved ones with a special insurance coverage for cancer treatments. Different levels of coverage offer extra protections: some cover the medical procedures, but other insurance covers your expenses, while you focus on getting better. We understand that there may be days you don’t feel up to a full day’s work, and this special coverage can help pay your bills during periods of lost income.

It is all about your health and recovery. Let us help you find the right protection for you and your family.

Special Medical Insurance - Cancer Insurance

Did you know that 2018 in the United States an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed? New. The most common causes of cancer listed in order of prevalence are breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectum cancer, skin melanoma, bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney and renal pelvis cancer, endometrial cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer and liver cancer. According to the government statistics on cancer, you are over 38% likely to be diagnosed with some form of cancer in your lifetime.

A supplemental Insurance coverage that either pays you a lump sum cash benefit once you are diagnosed or pays your healthcare providers, depending on the policy you purchase. Depending on the type of cancer and the stage, Cancer can be both emotionally and financially debilitating. This insurance is not just about covering doctor visits but about helping you cope with all the financial fallout while you focus on fighting the disease. We can help you find the right plan to help you improve your future. Contact us or complete the form and find out what plans we can recommend to you today.

Special Medical Insurance - Medicare

Medicare Insurance is available to people who are 65 or older, certain disabled people under 65 and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (Kidney failure that requires dialysis or a transplant).

    Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) is a type of Medicare health plan that provides all of your Part A and Part B benefits but includes the following:

  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Preferred Provider Organizations
  • Private fee for service plans
  • Special Needs Plans (SNP)
  • Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans
  • Prescription drug coverage

We can explain the details of Medicare A, B and C. Contact us. It’s worth the time and it costs you nothing.

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