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BPVA advocates for our members and the disabled community by remaining cognizant of local and national disability issues. We remain actively vigilant in assisting and representing our members regarding anything affecting their civil rights when issues regarding disability arise. BPVA also maintains a vocal and visible presence on disability related issues in the community. We strive to vocally promote fair opportunity and equal access.

BPVA has become a major voice in the Veterans’ community as it helps to meet the needs of millions of Americans with disabilities (Veterans and non-Veterans). BPVA is committed to assisting and supporting all individuals with disabilities through the following avenues: research, education, sports, advocacy, legislation, and Veterans benefits.


BPVA has built positive working relationships with our state and federal elected officials to ensure our voice is heard on Capitol Hill regarding legislative issues. We review local, state, and federal legislation pertaining to Veterans and disability issues. As circumstances dictate, we respond with letters, telephone calls, and face to face meetings. We will deliver oral and written testimony as requested by various entities. On occasion, BVPA will approach and petition selected officials to introduce specific measures. Members are informed on current issues so they can respond to their legislators.

We continually represent our members and others with disabilities at all levels of government; local, state and national, helping to defend and ensure our civil rights in all areas. We continually monitor VA funding to keep our legislators up to date on what’s happening locally at our VA hospitals, helping to ensure adequate and quality medical care for our Veterans.

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Political Affiliation

While Buckeye PVA advocates for legislation we believe to be beneficial to Veterans, our charter and status as a 501c3 organization do not allow us to endorse any candidate for any particular office. We do, however, encourage you as a member to educate yourself on the candidates and issues and get out and vote.

The link below will take you to the Ohio County Boards of Elections Directory. If you have not yet registered, there is no time like the present. Once you’re registered, VOTE! You once answered the call to duty in the service; don’t miss your responsibility to keep your elected officials aware of what is important to you. As an SCI Veteran and a customer of the VA system, the decisions made by those we elect directly affect the quality of our lives. Be informed of the candidates’ positions on the issues and express yourself at the polls.

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