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Paralyzed Veterans of America Buckeye Chapter
Emergency Assistance Program

Paralyzed Veterans of America, Buckeye Chapter has available an Emergency Assistance Program.  This program helps members of the Buckeye Chapter who may find themselves in financial distress causing possible eviction from their homes, disconnection of utilities or the inability to pay for food.

Members must be in good standing for a minimum of 90 days prior to qualifying for consideration.  Application for help is limited to twice yearly or up to a maximum of $500 per year.  This is a confidential process.

Payments must be made directly to the vendor.  Please contact the Chapter office for more details. (800) 248-2548; (216) 731-1017.


Paralyzed Veterans of America Buckeye Chapter
Visitor Mileage Reimbursement Program

Who is eligible to participate in the program?
Must be a BPVA Member in good standing for a minimum of 90 days to participate.  The Committee has the option to make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

What is the acceptable time period before the program becomes available for use?
The BPVA Member must be hospitalized for a minimum of one week

What is the acceptable distance for mileage reimbursement?
The mileage reimbursement will be given to visitors for travel to a VA hospital in the State of Ohio for the wellbeing of members who are hospitalized.  Beginning and ending travel must be in the State of Ohio.

How much is the reimbursement going to be?
Reimbursement will be at a rate of .20 per mile.  Mileage will be determined via Mapquest based on the submission of the visitor of the beginning and ending address. Chapter will reimburse up to 2 trips per month with a $2,000 cap per year.

Reimbursement request containing the name of the member, name and address of the visitor, the date of visitation and the origin of the trip must be submitted by the 20th of each month, with payment at the end of the month. Request for reimbursement will only be valid for one calendar month following travel.

What is an acceptable way to reimburse family members?
Reimbursements will be via check.

What locations are included in the program?
Reimbursement will be for Ohio VA hospitals only.


Paralyzed Veterans of America
Disaster Relief Funding

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Paralyzed veterans and their families who suffer demonstrable losses after a natural disaster, such as the recent tornados in your areas, can file for financial assistance through PVA’s Disaster Relief Fund. The fund offers a grant of up to $1500 to any veteran or veteran’s family and was established to give recovering families a jumpstart toward the road to recovery, whether that means replacing lost food and clothing, repairing a damaged roof, or restoring a flooded basement back to livable conditions.

To assist you in the distribution of relief funds, please comply with the following accountability procedures:

  • Funds will only be provided to PVA members.
  • A maximum of $1500 per individual or family will be granted. However, additional funding may be provided in extreme circumstances, upon review on a case-by-case basis. Each application must be evaluated for need. Maximum disbursements will not be made in all cases.
  • Funds may be used for transportation, temporary shelter, food, modifications for accessibility, prosthetic appliances, and medical supplies. The funds will not be provided if other assistance has been provided to pay for items in the request (insurance, FEMA, etc.). Funds will also not be approved to cleanup, fix, or replace damages not related to the veteran’s primary dwelling.
  • Applications can be received by the PVA Chapter or the National Service Office. Once an application is received it is to be reviewed by the Chapter President or designee, and the National Service Officer. All applications require the approval of the Chapter President or designee, and the National Service Officer (NSO).